The Hans Island Liberation Front

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The people of Hans Island

The people of Hans Island are a hardy, resilient folk, always willing to make the best of a difficult situation.

And they have no shortage of difficulties. Their population, while currently stable, is not currently sustainable, as there are only two of them, both men.

"We can see this leading to problems," said Hans, one of the inhabitants. "Currently, the lack of other people just leads to boredom and irritability. But we recognise that, with only the two of us here, our race is doomed to die out."

Hans, the other resident, looked sadly at his feet as Hans spoke.

"I get so lonely," he said.

However, the Hanses have developed a new strategy to counter their population problem: they are trying to convice Santa Claus to set up a second elf workshop on Hans Island.

"Maybe," said Hans, "he could even move the whole operation here - isn't the North Pole supposed to melt anyway?"

"I hear elves are pretty nice," said his brother.

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